Wax prints are at the very heart of what Bapribap is about. Without the fabrics, we wouldn’t be here. For us these cotton fabrics are just the most divine on earth! They inspire us to no end and we love to see children inspired them too.

We take our inspiration from a childhood spent outdoors, under the sun, and the spirit and style of Dakar, where we have our home. 

Bapribap clothes are made by a dedicated team of four full time staff in a small atelier in the Amitie neighborhood of Dakar. Abi cuts every garment to precision and manages the production, Amadou is our head tailor, Madjeng is our second tailor, and Thiaba makes accessories, dolls and quilts.

Bapribap is a company founded by Annica Ojermark Haque, a half Swede, half American global citizen. She lives in Dakar with her husband and three children.